"I am not eccentric! It's just that I am more alive than most people. I am an unpopular electric eel, set in a pond of goldfish."

Dame Edith Sitwell


About Kathy and Under One Roof

Life Purpose Coach, vibrational healer, spiritual teacher, author, Reiki Seichim Master...

I am a multi-faceted, ever changing, always growing, eclectic conglomeration of a human being.

That's why the business name, Under One Roof, works so well for me. All of my very diverse and yet very connected interests are all... Under One Roof.

Life Purpose Coach
Coaching falls right into alignment with my life purpose to help people become their highest and best potential.

Coaching is as diverse as I am. It's always fascinating and challenging, both for me and my clients. Magical things happen when we work together - new, deep insights, AHA! moments, celebrations of successes, and definite progress toward my client's goals. Sometimes things progress in a linear, planned fashion and sometimes life intrudes with unexpected opportunities for learning. Whatever happens, we walk together along their path of growth and deepened knowledge as they evolve into the wonderful person of their destiny.

Author, An Inner Journey
After two years of facilitating an exciting and rewarding workshop in which my students learned step by step how to uncover their life purpose and to integrate it into their life, I was given a message from spirit to transform my workshop into a book. The result is An Inner Journey: Living Your Life Purpose. The process of writing the book and then self publishing was an experience that honored one of my core life values - learning.

During the writing of my book I rediscovered how much I enjoy writing. My monthly e-newsletter evolved into The Journal of Spirited Coaching, a twice monthly ezine with inspirational and how-to articles for creating a more delightful and satisfying life.

Vibrational Healing
Along my path to becoming more spiritually enlightened, I discovered vibrational healing. This category of healing covers many diverse modalities. Those that I use are Reiki, Psych-K, EFT, and Raindrop Therapy. To enhance the properties of each modality I use Young Living essential oils on my client during each session.

Reiki Seichim is a very old system of using Universal Life Force Energy to remove energetic blockages and balance the energy in the body. The more I use it personally and for my clients the more I realize how we all are capable to healing ourselves..

Young Living Essential Oils are part of my vibrational healing sessions. I find that they enhance the healing properties of the other modalities I use. The use of essential oils for medicinal purposes dates back to the ancient Egyptians and is also referred to in the Bible. With essential oils you can smell really good while enjoying their healing benefits.




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