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Expand Your Mind

The phrase "expand your mind" doesn't mean that your brain grows larger.

Nor does it mean that you are actually activating brain cells that haven't been working as yet.

First, let's dissolve a common misconception about your brain. Contrary to what our scientists are able to prove with the resources they have now, your brain is functioning at all times at 100% capacity. Understand that in the process of human evolution it is not the nature of your body to continue to reproduce organs that are not used. If we are truly using only 10% of our brains, as our scientists are telling us, our brain would have atrophied to the size of a peach pit by now.

Expanding your mind means that you are creating new electrochemical connections between brain cells. These new connections create new thought forms when information is received. The new connections may be between two cells or multiple cells. As these connections are created, more "new" thoughts are formed. Each brain cell holds one bit of information. These bits can be combined in an unlimited number of ways with other bits to form an unlimited combination of thoughts.

Brain cells don't die. They simple change their energtic vibration and electrochemical signature so that other brain cells don't recognize them. It's rather like a cloaking device. These cells can be reactivated by changing the vibration of the entire body, which many of you are now doing as you step into your Lightwork. Those who choose not to raise the vibration of their physical body will experience dementia in one of it's many forms. To the extent that the body's vibration is lowered, the dementia will emerge, from simple forgetfulness to full-on Alzheimer's.

Here are some ways to increase your body's vibrational frequency:

  • Feed it healthy food that has a high vibration, such as organic. Remember the techie saying, "garbage in, garbage out".
  • Surround yourself with that which vibrates at a higher frequency. Beautify your environment. Play beautiful music.
  • Forgive and love everyone. Yes, everyone.
  • Read inspirational material, listen to inspirational people, and you'll be inspired.

Raise the vibration of your body and your brain will respond by expanding.




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