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The Energy of Numbers

This is about the energy of numbers and not about numerology. Although there are some similarities, this information that was channeled to me several years ago deals with each number energetically.

The energy of numbers is vitally important to us because they symbolize so much more than just a method of counting. They symbolize our descent into matter and the whole process of experiencing that which we came down for. Energetically, numbers are written differently than the way we have been taught in school. Try it and see how it feels to you.

It all starts with the number one....singular, alone. The energy of the one shoots out in a perfectly straight line from the zero. The energy starts at the top of this number and moves downward, in a straight, unwavering line. It symbolizes the descent into matter from the everythingness and the nothingness of the zero, which represents our godlike state. The color of one is black, the color of the void where all begins.

The one then separates to become the two. It's the yin and the yang, the male and the female, the dark and the light, the hot and the cold, fear and love. This separation creats a dynamic energy between the two ones. This energy is the stuff that holds the universe together. Energetically, two is written like this example, as if it were two poles. The color of two is yellow.

Three is the polarity of the two and the dynamic energy that is created by the polarity of separation. It represents the trinity energy. It is the husband-wife-marriage, the Father-Son-Holy Spirit, the liquid-ice-gas. Three is represented energetically as a triangle and it's color is orange.

Four grounds and solidifies the energy of the three. It puts boundaries on the energy of the three to contain it and to stabilize it. Four is written energetically as a flat square and its color is earth brown.

Four then questions why and becomes the five, full of movement and conflict. The energy of the five bounces back and forth, going first this way and then that, crossing over paths it has already traveled, looking at the situation from all angles, in its perpetual search for the truth. The color of five is vibrant red.

Six is the energy of all the numbers up to this point, spiraling inward for contemplation and understanding. It is the time of digestion of all the growth and the lessons, in order to embed the new knowledge. It is written from the top, spiraling inward to the center. The color of six is green.

Seven is the awareness of the knowledge that has been gained on the journey - after the contemplation of six. It symbolizes standing on the top after the long climb upward. The seven is written from the bottom upward and then across. The color of seven is indigo.

Eight is the building or physical manifestation of that which comes out of the awareness of the seven. It is the three dimensional form of all that has been accomplished to this point. It is written energetically as two squares, one setting on top of the other, representing building blocks or cubes. The color of eight is purple.

Nine has completed all the steps and understands the entire learning cycle it has just completed. Now it is ready to bring forth it's knowledge and share it's light with the world. It is all the previous lessons spiraling out from the center. The number nine is written energetically from the center of the spiral outward, ending at the ground level. The color of nine is violet.

Zero, the everything and the nothing. Zero is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. This concept is demonstrated in the symbol for eternity, which is the zero twisted so that it reflects on itself. Zero is indicated by a circle which is perfection and completion and wholeness and nothingness. The color of zero is the white of pure, divine Love.




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