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What Are Teleclasses All About?

What is a teleclass?
A teleclass is a class that you take by phone and is much like a regular workshop held in person. There's discussion, lecture, questions, and interaction with with the instructor and the other participants.

How do they work?
At the scheduled time, simply call the phone number you've been given in the instructions I emailed to you after you registered, using the secret code to access the line for the teleclass.

You'll be connected to a bridge line, or conference line, and will be able to hear and talk to me and the other participants. I'll be on the line to greet you and welcome you to the class.

Long distance charges will apply, even for me! With the low rates now for long distance within the US, the charges are typically $6 - even less if you use a prepaid calling card. Cell phones are not recommended because they often cause an echo, due to their signal being bounced off satellites.

How are they better than regular classes?
Teleclasses and teleworkshops are extremely convenient. You don't have to drive anywhere and you can relax in the comfort of your own home. This is the only type of class I know of that you can attend in your jammies!

The cost of teleworkshops is lower than that of in-person workshops, because there isn't the usual overhead, such as rental for a meeting room. Plus you save money on gas and parking and you save time by not having to drive anywhere.

Teleclasses and teleworkshops free up your mind to be more creative because you don't have any visual distractions. It's similar to the experience you have when you are reading a book and your mind creates wonderful visions, as oppposed to when you're watching TV or a movie and all the visuals are created for you, leaving no room for your own imagination and creativity.

You may find that you're more focused during a teleclass than in a regular classroom because there are no visual distractions. You can close your eyes and really hear what's being said by the facilitator and the other participants.

How are they not as good as regular classes?
I can't think of a single thing.

If you'd like to try a free teleclass to see what they're like, check out teleclass.com. They have teleclasses on lots of subjects and you can try one out and see how easy and convenient they are.

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