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Opening the Door to Wonderment

What brings so many people to coaching is the lack of excitement in their lives.

Boredom is insidious. It sneaks in slowly and quietly, while you are busy going about your daily life. What was once a new and exciting career is now just a boring job that you trudge to day after day. The excitement of raising a family becomes tedious as you routinely clean up the messes and referee the arguments.

Remember when you were a little kid and everything was new and fascinating? Maybe you spent hours climbing trees in your neighborhood or were intrigued with watching ants and other bugs. Whatever it was, you had a sense of wonder as you explored your world.

Where did that sense of wonderment go when you grew up?

As you gained experience, you began to make judgements about things, people, and events in our life. "That's cool." "How selfish." "What a drag." They pop out of your mouth almost automatically. You hear them all around you from other people.

What if... instead of automatically placing a judgement on something, you wondered about it. Judgement is the door that closes you off from the childlike wonderment of your life. During your day as you go about your routine, try on these sentences:

"Hmmm. I wonder how I can ...."

"Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if I ...."

"Hmmm. I wonder ...."

Open the door of judgment, step past it and into the world of wonder - your life.

Invent your life over if it doesn't feel juicy.


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