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I really appreciated how the overall process worked. I admired your ability to provide steady assurance, affirmations, and excellent listening skills. It was very supportive to get the specific personal feedback you provided.

Juli W.




Have you discovered the truth about week-end seminars? Have you noticed that your life really didn't changed much after one of those seminars and all that wonderful energy you had right afterward only lasted for a few days?

Here's the deal: true and effective change takes more than a couple of days. It's a well-known fact that changing a habit takes at least 28 days. You can't expect to create lasting life changes in two or three days of sitting and listening to a hyperactive, emoting speaker.

That's why I created this teleworkshop.

For twelve weeks you'll be immersed in a powerful personal growth workshop. That's three times longer than it takes to change a habit. It's 42 times longer than a weekend workshop! Imagine what you can do during that time...

  • get control of your life by strengthening your personal boundaries
  • discover the essence of your Life Purpose
  • transform fear into your partner
  • create efficient systems to get the type of support you want... when you want it
  • change what stops you into what motivates you
  • plug your energy leaks
  • get clear on what's really important to you
  • use language that empowers and energizes you
  • learn the fine art of delegation
  • consciously use your core life values to make better quality choices for yourself
  • and most importantly... begin to live your Life Purpose!

During the twelve weeks of this teleworkshop you'll enjoy:

  • a teleclass for an hour every week
  • email support from me
  • homework to keep you moving forward between classes each week
  • support from others like you who are working at making positive, lasting changes in their life
  • sharing of experiences and the learning derived from them
  • group exercises, discussion of homework, and more
  • access to the Yahoo group where you can connect with other students for additional support

After the teleworkshop, you'll receive a follow-up coaching session for completion, to assist you in embedding and grounding what you've learned into your life.

Teleclasses are taken in the convenience and privacy of your own home. No driving to class, so you save gas and the drive time. And here's the best part: you can come to class in your pajamas! If you've never taken a teleclass, here's some more information about what they're like.

An Inner Journey Teleworkshop includes:
the book, An Inner Journey: Living Your Life Purpose
the complete companion workbook for An Inner Journey
12 weeks of one hour sessions by teleconference phone call
email support between sessions

a half hour private coaching session for completion

If purchased separately, the items in this workshop package would cost you $1000.85.

Regular price is only...

If you already bought the book you get an additional discount of $100.
You pay only

Why am I offering this additional discount? Because if you have the book, you've already done a lot of the work. You may be stuck somewhere and I don't want you to stay there. I want you to keep moving toward living your life purpose, and the best way to do this is to keep yourself motivated with a continuing program of support. Like this teleclass.

Date and Time to be announced
Weekly from 4pm to 5pm PST, 7pm to 8pm Eastern

Special Offer: 12 hours of coaching sessions after the workshop for continued support on your journey. This is a value of $960. When you include it with this workshop, you pay only $600. Save $360! Monthly payment plans available

For more information and to register call 360.437 9328 or email

What is a teleclass?
A teleclass is a class that you take by phone and is much like a regular workshop held in person. There's discussion, lecture, questions, and interaction with with the instructor and the other participants. More...

An Inner Journey spiritual workshop is offered in the following formats:

  • An Intensive - a two day private workshop with 12 weeks of follow-up life coaching
  • A Workshop - six weekly two hour sessions

If you're ready to begin living your Life Purpose
and feel that inner sense of satisfaction that's soul deep,
contact me.




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